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Serving Modern Telecommunications Networks

ACER  provides  trained and dedicated technicians who are committed to the implementation and maintenance of modern wire line and wireless Telecommunication networks.

Fiber Optic Splicing & Testing

Install new fiber lines, replace a damaged line, or troubleshoot an outage efficiently and accurately.

Utilize ACER’s Fiber Splicing Technicians and their extensive experience when splicing and testing of fiber optic cable is required, and you can be certain to achieve optimal results.

Small Cell Construction & Installation

Add wireless transmitters and receivers to distribute network wireless coverage to a localized area.

ACER Small Cell Technicians have backgrounds in antenna construction & installation and adhere to all industry standards for safety and on-time project completion.

Underground Wiring Repair & Placement

Place communications lines below ground to protect your network against weather related disturbances.

Whether the Installation Requires trenching, manhole entry, directional boring, or other techniques, having an experienced team will make all the difference in a successful outcome.

Aerial Placement & Installation

When underground installation is not the most efficient form of placement, utilize traditional aerial methods of cable placement.

ACER Aerial Technicians Ensure that proper safety protocols are followed so that everyone in the area is protected from injury and no structures risk being put into danger.

Our Mission

Is to meet the growing demand for experienced “blue collar” technicians in the Telecommunication Industry with motivated tradesmen that have been provided detailed hands-on training, certification opportunities, and experienced leadership.

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Working together to define the future of telecommunications through quality work and trusted relationships.

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Become a member of our team if you strive to earn the endorsement of your customers and desire continued professional development.

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